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Parts of the Secrets

  • John William...third child, only boy. AKA JW.
  • BG...Bowling Green, where we live.
  • LO...Lake Oconee. My marriage and business started here. I heart LO.
  • LLID...Laura Lee Interior Design. My company.
  • Bobbie and grandmothers.
  • Mary Douglas...middle child. AKA Mae Mae or MD.
  • Caroline...first born and PROUD big sister
  • sweet husband

A Good Read

  • Chuck Holton: Making Men
  • Ann Voskamp: One Thousand Gifts
  • Rob Bell: Sex God

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April 1, 2013


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Harriet L. Towe

Wonderful words of wisdom, Laura. I agree with all of them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEVIN. Great husband, father, and provider!

Mammy Towe


All true...Kevin, I appreciate our early morning time together (when i visit). Ditto on everything Laura wrote...Happy Birthday!

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