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Parts of the Secrets

  • John William...third child, only boy. AKA JW.
  • BG...Bowling Green, where we live.
  • LO...Lake Oconee. My marriage and business started here. I heart LO.
  • LLID...Laura Lee Interior Design. My company.
  • Bobbie and grandmothers.
  • Mary Douglas...middle child. AKA Mae Mae or MD.
  • Caroline...first born and PROUD big sister
  • sweet husband

A Good Read

  • Chuck Holton: Making Men
  • Ann Voskamp: One Thousand Gifts
  • Rob Bell: Sex God

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October 22, 2013


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I love your honesty and admire all you do! You are correct that you are living multiple full time jobs and are doing a great job at both! Your pictures at St. Simons are just beautiful too! I look forward to seeing you soon!


Beautiful message, LL! You are such an amazing mother, and making an amazing impact on those babies. You are exactly where God wants you to be. I hope I can be half the mother that you are.

I've missed you and your posts. :)

I love you!


There is no job like being a wear the hat well and make your mother very proud, as does your sister! What an inspiration you are to your younger sister :) So happy you found your words again. XOXO

Susan Riggs

I have known what an amazing person you are since third grade! You are doing a great job, even if you don't realize it. You and your family are blessed. :)


I miss you and the CHILDren every day! ❤️ Bizi

Martha Casey

Great update. Your honesty is so refreshing.
Your family is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
I miss your posts. Say hello to boy boy.


Preach it, sister! Love you.


You are who and what you are supposed to be. Do miss knowing what is going on with you and the family so I am glad for the post!!! Hope to see you during the holidays.

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